154 One-Gallon Jugs Of Gasoline Found In Abandoned Philly Rowhome

154 One-Gallon Jugs of Gasoline Found in Abandoned Philly Rowhome – More than 150 gallons of gasoline were found Monday night in an abandoned home in West Philadelphia. 

154 One-Gallon Jugs Of Gasoline Found In Abandoned Philly Rowhome
Source by: NBC10 Philadelphia

Police say that this discovery is extremely dangerous and strange. 

Chief Inspector Scott Small said plastic gallon containers were found on the first floor of an abandoned, partially burnt rowhome on the 100 block of North 59th Street. 

The gas stored inside was 154 gallons. Investigators found petrol when police received a call to 911 about a strong odor emanating from a house. 

Skyforce 10 was overhead as the Hazmat crew responded shortly after. 

The Philadelphia Fire Department and Licensing and Inspection worked until evening to remove the containers.

“This is a very volatile, dangerous situation for 154 gallons [gasoline], all in separate one-gallon milk containers, on a property , in a residential area – how big is the fire hazard,” he said. said shopping center. 

Detectives are talking to a 37-year-old man about a possible crime. 

According to Smalls, the man who lived in the home lived there for some time before the fire broke out in March of this year. 

The man was in the area at the time of Monday night’s search and was frequently known to the property. 

Smalls said law enforcement would work together to investigate why there was more than 154 gallons of gasoline in the home and how it was acquired. 

“Is it stolen? Could it have been used to start a fire? I can’t believe it at all, said the young man.

Detectives are also looking into the possibility that the gas could be for sale.

Police have advised nearby residents to vacate their homes as an incident continues. No injuries have been reported.

News Original Source: NBC Philadelphia

Original Author: Christine Mattson

Author by: Sunny Grewal

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