Sullivan Business builds 2 Lecterns For Upcoming Season Of ‘Yellowstone’

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) – Sullivan business builds 2 lecterns for upcoming season of ‘Yellowstone’ – Work on the Sullivan Wood manufacturing business will be featured in Paramount’s upcoming ‘Yellowstone’ season. 

Sullivan Business builds 2 Lecterns For Upcoming Season Of 'Yellowstone'
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He will be seen playing a candidate for governor in the new season of the hit series starring Kevin Costner. 

The story prompted the show’s producers to contact Paul Alexander, owner of Creative Wood Products. 

“We’ve been in Mrs. Secretary, Iron Man 3, we’ve been in video games, we’ve been in dozens of TV shows,” he said. 

The students wanted two different types of lectures, and I was thrilled to be able to provide them. 

Earlier this year, 18 executive wood products employees signed on below, before being sent off to set the lecture, which will mark the series’ return in November. 

But they were excited to see it for the first time. 

Alexander said the entertainment industry is by far the biggest source of business for the company. 

He said that when a politician in Washington DC is seen speaking at the back of the lecture, It’s most likely because they are at his shop. 

He said these models have been engineered to be more than just a standard model. 

Some have an audio system built-in, while others have a 45-degree axis, and still others have a cup holder for the speaker.

Although they have traveled the world selling their products, Alexander said That he never considered moving his home or business away from Sullivan. 

I have done it, “I feel like I’ve seen such a wide range of what’s out there and nowhere else in the world where I live.” 

In 2016, the company began manufacturing a 400-pound steel plate designed to hold whiteboards. 

The ballistic shield is designed to help protect people from being hit by bullets. 

It’s sold to school districts as a defense tactic in the case of an active shooter. 

We tested pretty much every gun you could think of, and it didn’t go the other way,” he said, “If you’re behind. 

When they move, the active shooter sees it as a soft target and tries to shoot it, but as soon as he does, he loses the target. 

With an empty pistol When the pandemic broke out, Alexander began producing consumer products, such as picture frames that could also be used as phone charging stations, as well as solid wood.

News Original Source: KMOV St. Louis

Original Author: Caroline Hecker

Author by: Sunny Grewal

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